Corporate Advice

The experience gained over the years, working within an important family business group, has allowed me to deeply know the needs of the company’s ownership and management.

We have developed an ad hoc offer for companies that need independent and constant support to promote the management of the relationship with banking institutions.

  • Business liquidity management – analysis and evaluation of the most flexible opportunities and solutions to obtain an attractive return at low risk, compared to the alternative of holding zero-return or negative return liquidity due to the presence of negative rates
  • Analysis of financial equilibrium – analysis of the structure of out-of-place financing and evaluation of possible areas for improvement
  • Sources of financing – support in the activity of finding new sources of financing both as capital and as debt
  • Opening of capital – assessment and support of the opportunity to open capital for extraordinary disposals, mergers and acquisitions
  • Financing of working capital with partial disintermediation of the banking circuit (supply chain finance)– assessment of the opportunity to use alternative capital financing solutions

Are you an entrepreneur or financial manager and want to delve into the benefits of independent financial advice?

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