HVM Finance

Independent financial advice:

a new methodological approach

The fundamental objective of a consultancy activity on the assets of others is to ensure maximum confidentiality and to provide an exclusive service based on customized solutions and elaborated on the specific needs of each individual customer.

A financial advisor is independent when he carries out exclusively the interests of the client. Specifically, the independent financial advisor is paid exclusively for the time he devotes to the client and does not receive any compensation from banks or investment houses. This approach allows us to offer customers the most cost-efficient solutions in compliance with the risk constraints shared in the preliminary phase of analysis of the objectives and is based on key values at the base of a lasting relationship:


The contractual model aligns the interests and objectives of the consultant with those of the client


Building efficient and well-diversified portfolios consisting of simple and inexpensive products


Each activity is explained in a simple way and shared in a clear way

With the Independent Financial Advice you reduce the risks to your assets because you always know what you buy

For your savings choose 100% transparent advice and independent of banks and investment funds


HVM Finance offers a full range of asset management services tailored to meet the needs of the individual investor.
Each customer is a unique and special for us. From the initial stage, we define the objectives together with you and try to be 100% clear in particular on the risk-related aspects.
We guarantee maximum visibility on investments at all stages.

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