Analysis of Financial Assets

The analysis of financial investments has as its objective the evaluation of a portfolio of financial instruments, in order to understand if there is a correspondence between the expectations of the client, as communicated to him and the actual risk profile.

The financial advisor will draw up a detailed statement of the costs associated with portfolio management, as the most important step in a logic of extreme transparency, is to make the client aware of the contractual conditions applied by the intermediaries and the commissions he bears.

This will allow the customer to have all the information necessary to evaluate any tools that guarantee a higher level of efficiency with the same risk profile.

The objective of the financial advisor is to verify, referring to concrete data, whether the current portfolio manager is able to keep the promises made at the beginning of the relationship and whether there are other simple and easily understandable financial instruments on the market, even for non-experts, able to obtain the same result with significant cost savings.

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