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with simplicity and transparency

After years of entrepreneurial activity, within an important family group, I realized that something was missing in the financial service market: a competent partner able to combine independence and clarity

I decided, therefore, to create a different reality, whose ambition is to create added value for the customer, overcoming the commercial logic of traditional consulting, often conditioned by economic incentives on financial products.

For me what matters is to offer the best service for the customers I take care of at every stage, with consistency, simplicity and transparency. Three characteristics that represent the essential guidelines to identify together with my clients the areas of greatest value creation, according to the objectives and the risk profile.

In recent years, I have had the opportunity to learn the logic of the most qualified operators on the market. The network of relationships I have built allows me to have access to the most advanced range of offer of the main national and international players. The wealth of experience gained is so valuable that I decided to make it available to those looking for an independent and tailor-made financial advisory service.

Fondatore di HVM Finance

Independent in the provision of the service, clear in the information


Independent financial advice

Even in Italy, for some years now, it has been possible to adopt the engagement models widespread in the most advanced countries from a financial point of view for investment services.
Relying on an independent financial advisor means finally being able to disengage from the logic of selling products to have a personalized service with high added value.
A professional who knows the trend of the markets and advises the most appropriate and consistent actions. My approach is based on a distinctive investment strategy compared to that proposed by most financial intermediaries that distribute investment funds and offer solutions for the management of liquid assets. Several years of analysis have led me to understand that trying to beat the market as bank managers propose to do is very difficult, as the price trend is determined by countless variables that escape the control of the individual. Identifying the best times to enter the market at the lowest levels and exit at the highs and, in this way, beating the benchmark, is very risky and often results in an underperformance result. The products used to make active management are in fact very expensive and this leads in the long run to load the portfolio with costs also for the application of transaction fees on the trades made in purchase or sale. A passive approach that uses simple and inexpensive market-following tools often proves to be much more efficient in the long run both in terms of costs and final results.

Our 4-step working method


We define together the objectives and evaluate the most appropriate methods and tools


We make a detailed evaluation of the client’s financial situation

Tailor-made solutions

Starting from the information collected we develop a personalized and detailed proposal

Project start-up and activities in progress

We develop the investment project, constantly monitor it and inform the client about the performance

Forget the old way of doing financial advice. With HVM Finance you pay only for the service offered

We are aligned with the needs of our customers

The activity starts from the analysis of the portfolio to evaluate the returns obtained with respect to a market reference similar to the composition of the securities present within it. Subsequently, the costs incurred by our customers are highlighted in order to then formulate an alternative proposal that involves the use of more efficient tools with the aim of saving and maintaining an expected return in line with expectations. The use of simple strategies that aim to replicate a market reference, leads to prefer for a part of the assets instruments that follow the market trend and create, over time, a significant capital thanks to the continuous reinvestment of the profits generated by the securities in which you have chosen to invest. The parcel, negotiated according to the needs of the customer, varies according to the assets and the complexity of the management required. The information exchanged with our clients is covered by the obligation of confidentiality that is the basis of our professional approach.

Independent financial advice

The management of assets and savings accumulated with the sacrifices of a lifetime is a very delicate matter. Choosing a financial advisor who takes care of your savings with the same care with which he manages his own, can make all the difference.

At the base of a lasting and fruitful collaboration there is the construction of a relationship of trust that aims, from the beginning, at clear and transparent objectives. The client must be able to count on a financial advisor who not only possesses technical skills, but is inspired in daily practice by principles of professional ethics that make him a serious and reliable partner.

Your assets and savings are the most valuable asset

Corporate Advice

The experience gained over the years, working within an important family business group, has allowed me to deeply know the needs of the company’s ownership and management.

We have developed an ad hoc offer for companies that need independent and constant support to promote the management of the relationship with banking institutions.

  • Business liquidity management  – analysis and evaluation of the most flexible opportunities and solutions to obtain an attractive return at low risk, compared to the alternative of holding zero-return or negative return liquidity due to the presence of negative rates
  • Analysis of financial equilibrium  – analysis of the structure of out-of-place financing and evaluation of possible areas for improvement
  • Sources of financing  – support in the activity of finding new sources of financing both as capital and as debt
  • Opening of capital  – assessment and support of the opportunity to open capital for extraordinary disposals, mergers and acquisitions
  • Financing of working capital with partial disintermediation of the banking circuit (supply chain finance) – assessment of the opportunity to use alternative capital financing solutions

Are you an entrepreneur or financial manager and want to delve into the benefits of independent financial advice?